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Why Almost Every NBA Team had a Good Draft?

From accuracy of mock drafts I’ll jump right into another draft-related topic which IMHO should be done every year just as a reminder: How is it Possible that Almost Every Team’s Draft Grades as Above-Average?!

Seriously, check out this mostly random list:

Link to a 2011 Draft Grades around the Web Teams graded
below average
sam_amick/06/24/draft.grades/index.html 0! 1[…]columnist=ford_chad&page=DraftGrades-110624 0! 1 0! 3 1 1
ball_dont_lie/post/Ball-Don-t-Lie-s-2011-NBA-draft-grades 4 0 4 0 8 0

What’s wrong with this picture?
Historically we know that most of 1st round picks won’t pan out… and what’s even more puzzling this was supposed to be a weak draft which should produce more than usual number of bad performers!

And it’s not like that’s a new problem, here’s a list for last year’s draft:

Link to a 2010 Draft Grades around the Web Teams graded
below average
chris_mannix/06/24/draft.grades/index.html 0! 4 1 1 2 4
ball_dont_lie/post/Grading-the-NBA-draft?urn=nba-251378 5 0

So could someone explain to me what’s the point of those very top heavy grading scales?
Pretty please?

Does generous grading generate more traffic? If so then why?

Is it not fun to read that your team has screwed up? Well, most of them did it so you can at least prepare for it.

Is it only a comparison to author’s expectations? Then why those expectations are so unrealistically high?

Is it hard to predict future of those players? Well, then what’s the point of those grades again?

Look, I understand that draft is in the books and writers have to write something about it, but why do they have to shatter grading scale and widely known fact in the process?
Especially when it can be done without it by simply mentioning only those worth mentioning and even though I don’t agree with those grades at least there’s some nice [and more importantly realistic] balance there.

What do you think about all of it?


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