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Advanced statistics agreed about those NBA players

Yesterday I explored topic of the biggest differences between perceived value for some NBA players among five advanced statistics and I don’t want to be only negative ;-)
So for a change let’s spotlight those examples where metrics mostly agree, shall we?

Again based on great database prepared by Alex at and for the last 5 years I ranked each player [with at least 1000 minutes played] according to five different metrics [PER, Win Shares per 48 minutes, Wins Produced per 48, new RAPM and ASPM] and then I calculated standard deviation of each player’s ranking and below you will see only those with the lowest number each year meaning the differences in evaluation between statistics were the smallest.

Again let’s start with the most recent season…
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Should Team’s Prices Become a Factor in Next CBA?

I can’t discuss matters with the NBA or research financial health of the league better than Nate Silver but what I can do is… present some more tables and ask questions ;-) Because when you collect a lot of data about one topic like ownership history… you really should have some fun with it, right?

If you prefer picture than tables… well, that’s your lucky day because it will be the first one on this blog! ;-)

Known Team's Prices in the NBA Since 1962

This graph and table below have basically the same content as yesterday’s data but it’s focus is on a different piece of the puzzle… Here’s detailed version of League-Wide Picture of Team’s Prices. Read the rest of this entry »


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