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22 Apr

This post is from top-notch opponents in my long-time fantasy NBA league… – fantasy basketball, player rankings and analytic tools.

I would like to recommend a new service for fantasy basketball junkies. fb-ninja player rankings offers free player rankings for 8 and 9-cat rotisserie fantasy basketball leagues.

Recenty they have introduced a unique feature in more advanced analysis field. It’s called “Directions”.
You need to sign up, go to “my leagues” and import your teams first.
This tool will analyze performance of your team in the season and apply recent trends in player production in order to simulate final standings in your league.
This may sound strange at first glance. But:
– if you have you ever wondered how your decissions translate into end result of your team, or
– how recently hot players can impact your final ranking, or
– where your team will rank if your players keep playing as they did in a defined period of time…
this service will deliver that data right to your screen.
Absolutely free. Well – everything they do will not cost you a dime.
In the coming days fb-ninja fantasy basketball analityc site team will further expand its’ service by adding another unique feature called “Let’s make a deal”.
If you have ever used any trade analyzer – this thing will blow you off your feet. It will not only analyze a trade – it will DESIGN one just for you!
So if you are a fantasy basketball fan – check them out, get you free account and try out their amazing tools.

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