The Most Unique Feats in Week 2 of NBA 2011/12

08 Jan

You could be surprised how often rare stat-lines occur in the NBA and it’s a series designed to celebrate that fact. The rules are simple: it has to be something that happened less than 26 times during last 26 regular seasons [total of 58.686 team’s box scores]. Incidentally it’s a tribute to for great tools and an emphasis how badly underused is enormous database owned by Elias Sports Bureau.

I wrote about Week 1 here so it’s time for a second edition of Casually Unique.
It also will be the last one [more on that at the bottom].
Presenting special events in chronological order of days…

January 2, 2012

Ben Wallace flashed his unique skill-set

He collected 5 steals and scored 0 points in less than 20 minutes
which happened only 4 times in the last 26 regular seasons.
Reportedly he is going to retire after this season but he still got his instincts… at least in short stints ;-)

In the same game…

Dwight Howard catched a stealing fever with usual offensive fireworks

He scored 19 points even though he missed over 60% of his free throws but he stole ball 5 times.
Such combo happened in 13 games in the last 25 years.
How fitting that both aforementioned players won multiple awards for their defense…


January 3, 2012

Hawks and Bulls shot so badly that you have to blame the lockout

Both teams shot worse than 35% from the field and 27% from deep
which has been matched only 10 times in used timeframe.
Other games weren’t in shortened season so maybe I shouldn’t jump to the lockout conclusion… but they built a nice house with those bricks ;-)


January 4, 2012

Rasual Butler got a quick hook for a reason…

He missed all of his 6 shots [all three pointers] in 17 minutes
which happened for the 5th time since 1986.
I’m not sure why he was in the starting five in the first place but there are several strange rotation decisions around the league… hey, technically it could feel like a preseason…

Norris Cole was um, very active on the offense

He played 21 minutes but he shot 12 times, dished out 5 assists and lost a ball 6 times
which occurred only 1 other time.
Heat are in love with his aggressiveness… but there are some drawbacks to it ;-)

Tony Allen was perfect…for one night

He made all 8 of his shots and all 4 of his free throws
which happened 16 times in the last 26 regular seasons.
Obviously it was a fluke but it’s ironic that it happened to a guy who can’t shoot ;-)

Kenneth Faried begged his coach for more playing time

He finished with 7 points [FG=100%], 4 rebounds and 4 blocks… in 10 minutes on the court!
It never happened in the last 25 years!
And yet he still doesn’t play even in the garbage time! This is an outrage and I’m sure he loved
this quote from the other day “Karl Tabs Harrington As Nuggets’ MVP”.
It’s worth mentioning that…

Nuggets won this game, unusually, but with huge margin

They committed 27 Turnovers… and still won a game by 27 points
which has occurred only 7 times since 1986.
They are deep, they are good… if only they can clean up their rotation…


January 5, 2012

Brandon Jennings had a rare statistical combo

He had 5 steals, 6 threes, 7 assists… but he somehow hit less than 33% of his free throws
which never happened in used timeframe!.
He played in this game like a superstar point guard… and threw-in some center-like qualities for a good measure ;-)


January 6, 2012

Nets shoot well from outside but couldn’t hit anything from the inside

They managed to hit more than 48% of their 31 3-Pt Field Goal Attempts but overall from the field they shot less than 39%
which happened for the 3rd time in the last 25 years.
Ironically it happened against the Raptors who are not exactly known for their interior defense…
Show in small sample theatre must go on ;-)

Monta Ellis joined Hall-of-Fame Point Guards… on their bad day

He finished with 5 steals, 10 assists but hit less than 40% of shots from the field and from the line

which happened 12 times in the last 26 regular seasons.
Hey, it’s an honour just to be included on a list with those names ;-)


January 7, 2012

Josh Smith also joined elite company but in a good way

He had 4 steals, 6 blocks and 25 points

which happened 25 times since 1986. That doesn’t sound impressive but one thing about it is:
12 of those performances were by Olajuwon and 7 of them were by David Robinson! Man, were they unique centers or what…

And in the same game…

Jeff Teague had an ultra efficient game

He finished with 5 steals, 8 assists, 0 Turnovers and made 75% of his shots from the field
which occurred 5 times in the last 25 years.
Two of those performances were by John Stockton so it was another trip to the memories of greatness ;-)

Ben Gordon tried too much to be great

He had 12 points and 3 assists but in the process the committed a whooping 9 Turnovers
which has only been matched 9 times since 1986.
Newsflash: he isn’t a point guard and he used to be a shooting guard. I don’t know who is he now…


That’s it for this week’s Casually Unique…
and indefinitely on this blog because of three main reasons:
1) my list of topics to explore is dangerously growing longer so I probably shouldn’t devote to one segment 25-33% of weekly posts especially when…

2) I think it doesn’t work in a weekly format.
There’s not only too much similarly looking information on one page but also I feel like it diminishes uniqueness of those stat-lines.

3) I have a conflict between “what’s for the twitter” and “what’s for the blog” and it’s probably my only idea which should work better on the twitter so why not move it there entirely?
So from now I will just tweet them a couple of times per week… See you there! If you are interested obviously ;-)

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