The Most Unique Feats in Week 1 of NBA 2011/12

02 Jan

You could be surprised how often rare stat-lines occur in the NBA and it’s a series designed to celebrate that fact. The rules are simple: it has to be something that happened less than 26 times during last 26 regular seasons [total of 58.686 team’s boxscores]. Incidentally it’s a tribute to for great tools and an emphasis how badly underused is enormous database owned by Elias Sports Bureau.

I covered the opening day so technically it won’t be a week 1 but next 7 days… but still it should be fun ;-)
In chronological order of days…

December 26, 2011

Ed Davis made a very efficient case for more playing time

He made all 7 of his field goal attempts and collected 7 rebounds in only 18 minutes
which happened for the second time since 1986.
It’s early but for me he seems to be a strong contender to join this year’s strangest rotation decisions list.

Boris Diaw had an unusual near triple-double

He finished with 11 Rebounds, 9 Points and 9 Assists which has only been matched 4 times.
In a related note Bobcats may be the best test case in a while for a measure of replacement level in the NBA standings. They look just terrible and I’m not sure that good NBDL team couldn’t be better.

Pacers won a game by 12 points against Pistons despite terrible shooting

They hit less than 37% of shots from the field and they shot worse from the line by 5%
which happened 6 times in the last 25 years.
I’m not sure that lockout should be blamed but there seems to be a lot of funky shooting games.
I may have to explore this topic later.


December 27, 2011

Zaza Pachulia destroyed Nets’ bench contributing to a blowout win

His stat line of FG% >= 0.625, 8 Offensive Rebounds and 13 Points in 21 Minutes
was a 3rd time it happened in the last 26 regular seasons.
Although I think it tells us way more about Nets’ roster than Zaza’s superpowers ;-)

Mario Chalmers again joined a group with the most unique boxscore feats

He became the first player since 1986 to collect 6 turnovers and 5 Steals in less than 20 Minutes Played!
Also he became the first player to show up in both of my unique posts for a current season ;-) But more importantly thanks to him and Cole Heat’s point guard situation looks much better than last year, doesn’t it?

Kevin Love flashed his unique abilities

He had 19 Free Throws Made and 20 Total Rebounds which never happened in used timeframe!
Most top rebounders can’t shoot free throws and most top free throw shooters can’t grab 20 rebounds… and he did it in a single game!


December 28, 2011

James Johnson found his inner Olajuwon for a night

He collected spectacular defensive numbers [6 Steals, 8 Rebounds, 2 Blocks] in less than 29 Minutes Played which occurred only 2 other times.
He has some upside but that was a classic random explosion… and he disappeared in a rotation quickly.
Which is kind of strange on a team going nowhere…

Russell Westbrook struck out on offense against Grizzlies

He missed all 13 of his field goal attempts and added 4 Turnovers
which allowed him to join a 3-man group including THE WORST stat-line in the last 20 seasons!
So um, in short, it was a bad performance ;-)

Another case of super efficient Manu Ginobili

He scored 24 Points on 10 Field Goal Attempts including 5 threes and 6 Assists
which has been matched only 6 times in the last 25 years.
People love Manu for his playing style… while I love efficiency of his results ;-) And I wonder would he have been a bigger star if he played more minutes or he would have more injuries that way?

Alec Burks made a very memorable cameo against Nuggets

He finished with 15 Points and 2 Steals in only 10 Minutes Played!
Such a Oscar-worthy performance for supporting role was a first one since 1990.
And again I would question a strategy of rebuilding team – why the hell they play Raja Bell over Alec Burks? To make it clear it’s not just about this game, I just don’t understand the point of giving more minutes to veteran players while they have promising youngsters who could learn something. Do you?

By the way, this quote from book “07 seconds or less” seems very appropriate…

“Coaches are always telling players, ‘Hey, you can learn from this guy.’ They told Leandro Barbosa he could learn by sitting behind Stephon Marbury. When I was playing, they told me I could learn by sitting behind Tiny Archibald. Well, guess what? I didn’t learn shit, just like Leandro didn’t learn shit. He doesn’t play anything like Stephon, and I was a hundred times slower than Tiny. So how was I going to learn anything?”.


December 29, 2011

Dwight Howard had another day in the office of inside/defensive dominance

24 Total Rebounds, 3 Blocks, 3 Steals and Field Goal Percentage over 77%.
I mean this is just ridiculous and it happened for 1st time since 1986. And not like we are surprised by this performance… no wonder Magic aren’t in a rush to trade him.

Tyreke Evans had a weird shooting night for a shooting guard

He made 50% of 14 field goals but hit only 43% of his 12 Free Throw Attempts
which occurred only 4 times in the last 26 regular seasons.
Pure randomness at play but still very amusing and special ;-)

Ty Lawson continued strong push for Most Improved Player Award

He had 8 Steals, 25 Points, FG=62.5% and only 2 Turnovers
which has been done for the 1st time other than Chris Paul.
I still can’t believe how he was 7th point guard drafted in 2009 even though his NCAA statistics screamed “good player” AND he was traded away by the Timberwolves who had just drafted Jonny Flynn!


December 30, 2011

Celtics and Pistons had an epic free throw accuracy showdown

Both teams attempted more than 19 free throws and made 100% and 93% respectively!
Such awesome free throw shooting happened only 3 times in the last 25 years.

Rockets and Grizzlies had a beautiful clash of styles ended with a knockout

One team made 37% of 29 three point attempts while other side didn’t hit even one
which never occurred in used timeframe!

Have I mentioned that you could be surprised how often rare stat-lines occur in the NBA? Even meaningless games in the standings can be special that way ;-)


December 31, 2011

Lakers historically misfired from long-distance against Nuggets

They attempted 24 3-Pt Field Goals and made only two of them [less than 9%].
Ineptitude on this scale happened only for 2nd time since 1986!
Kobe missed 5 shots, Blake 6, Fisher 2, Gasol 1 and even bringing up World Peace didn’t help ;-)

Kyle Lowry reminded everyone about classic point guard role

He dished out a whooping 18 Assists while scoring only 2 Points
which happened for the 2nd time [last one in 1994].
I think that in an era of far too many pseudo point guards way more assists than points in the same game became just an archaic achievement … wait a second, that’s a great idea for a new post! ;-)


January 1, 2012

Hornets vs Kings couldn’t hit anything from long distance

They missed all 15 of their 3-Pt Field Goal Attempts and more than 50% of their Free Throws
which never happened in the last 25 years!
That’s another reason why I should check whenever we should blame lockout for funky shooting…. ;-)

Kobe Bryant had a spectacularly awful performance

He attempted 28 shots and made less than 22% of them plus he added 6 Turnovers
which surprisingly in a history full of chucksters never happened!.
It’s nice for Bynum to take a blame but he can’t hide a fact that Kobe lost this game for the Lakers.
I don’t care what happened, that’s just dreadful offense and someone really need to tell Kobe he is no longer 28 years old because it will get ugly very soon. How funny would it be if Bynum asked for a trade because he can’t stand playing with Bryant?

Kevin Love for the second time in a week flashed very unique abilities

He grabbed 17 Rebounds and hit 5 threes
which interestingly was achieved 3rd time by Love himself… and 4 times by all other players.
It was obvious since college he will be a rebounding machine… but his offense is really surprising to me and I love his versatility… if not only for his contribution to rare feats ;-)


If someone has reached this point in the post…
what do you think about the new version of Casually Unique?


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2 responses to “The Most Unique Feats in Week 1 of NBA 2011/12

  1. karl

    January 2, 2012 at 20:01

    “If someone has reached this point in the post…
    what do you think about the new version of Casually Unique?”

    It looks very good.

    And here is my little commitment to this post:

    • wiLQ

      January 2, 2012 at 20:43

      “And here is my little commitment to this post”
      Thanks, 16 times is a very solid one ;-)
      BTW, I do not guarantee that I will catch every unique stat-line and I think I have to focus only on those above average [so less than 10 times] – otherwise this post will become way too long.


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