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How future NBA’s CBA changes will affect this blog

Lockout in the NBA is still unresolved so clock is ticking on one very important deadline… my come back to posting new content on this blog ;-) And I think it’s a good time – break was probably too long [*] and this time of the year usually fantasy basketball drafts are held so I would like to introduce a new part of this blog.

But more importantly, what changes were “negotiated” after I “locked out” readers for 3 months?
Well, pretty much the same as those in new CBA in the NBA ;-)

More favorable split of the [time] pie for the owner[s].

In the beginning I was able to write 5 or 6 posts per week because I could use my previously prepared material [either data or full posts which just needed to be translated from Polish] and I could still do it but I overestimated how time-consuming it is and in the long run it’s a unsustainable model so I’ve “negotiated” with myself a new one: I will try my best to write every week one post on Monday, one post on Tuesday or Wednesday, one post on Thursday or Friday and (optional) one during weekend. And by optional I mean not only “sometimes” but also in terms of the form: part 2 to Thursday’s post or some shorter points and comments.
Speaking of which…

Shorter guaranteed contracts for the players with smaller raises

I’ve never actually counted words and I won’t do that but while browsing through my old posts I found out that I have a tendency to try for at least a double if not a home-run. Also I try too hard to use tables so it’s time for some singles and walks because there’s nothing wrong with them so expect to see some shorter points or less data heavy posts mixed in ;-)

Harsher penalties for exceeding luxury tax and less ways to exceed it

In the NBA they try to limit spending by rich teams, here it means spending less time promoting my posts. Google results from past 3 months [blog not only haven’t fell into abyss but it had quite steady stream of visits even though I didn’t write anything] and posts like Dre’s reading list have convinced me that it’s a waste of time.
I also think with that kind of profile it’s more important to have a content worth searching for than huge exposure for one-time visitors. Obviously I will still comment on other blogs like I normally would.

Amnesty clause which allow teams to remove one contract from salary cap

Every month I will delete the least popular post on this blog but it will still count against my cap for that week. Obviously it means that… I’m just kidding here ;-)
I totally agree with Henry Abbott’s point that paying 500M$ to players for not playing and ability to sign more contracts with marginally better players is a very um, strange and twisted way to handle huge losses…

More revenue sharing

It’s essential for a small market team in the NBA so maybe it will work as well for a small blog ;-) I’ll try to include more links within my posts to my previous articles and I will add more links to the right panel.

That’s all for bad news – because those were pretty much all concessions – but there is some good news.

During that 3-month break not only I wrote down over 30 new ideas to explore but I’m also anxious and fired up to do it! So I hope it will be a strong come back and I start writing and posting as usual in a somewhat random order of subjects… but because I have a lot ground to cover from past 3 months in the next week or two I’ll write unusual number of non-data posts just to comment on topics related to the lockout.

[*] – if you want to know why break was so long here’s an explanation:
I was worried that with a possible cancellation of NBA season I wouldn’t have enough to write about so I would have to take another break early in 2012. Now, I’m pretty confident that even without the season in place I will be able to keep up with my writing schedule until the summer of 2012.


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