What was unique in NBA on May 26th?

28 May

In final game of Conference Finals
there was a strange fail by Bulls: Chicago had FG%<36%, FT%<72% and committed 28 fouls…
yet they took care of the ball [only 10 turnovers]
It happened 8 times during last 25 RS. Hey, at least there was one positive thing for Bulls in this game…

Additionally it was an epic fail by Derrick Rose:
He converted only 9 of his 29 shots and added 4 turnovers. It happened 20 times during last 25 RS and a whooping 9 times by Allen Iverson so Derrick please don’t follow this path… To make it worse for him…

LeBron James had a really versatile performance with 11 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 threes, 3 steals and only 2 fouls and it was unique in the playoffs but it happened a lot in regular season’s games.

Surprisingly Dwyane Wade’ 9 turnovers were not as unique as you may think:
it happened 23 times in the playoffs since 1991.

Well, that’s it in terms of box score [this is why I usually wait for second game for more options but it will be played on Tuesday so it’s kind of too late] but…


Sadly there was another unique news around basketball:
Malgorzata “Margo” Dydek Twigg died at 37 with a third child on the way.

Her on-court uniqueness will always be remembered because of WNBA Season Leaders and Records for Blocks and WNBA Career Leaders and Records for Blocks but it was also true outside of games.
Thank you for the memories [first Polish-born player whom I watched in American league!] and rest in peace.

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