What was unique in NBA on May 23rd?

24 May

In Monday’s game (link to the box score on Oklahoma City unusually lost.
Thunder out-rebounded Mavs by 22 plus had more blocks [by 7] and assists [by 7].
It happened 22 times during last 25 RS but 21 of those teams won a game!
Well, after that you can easily guess why Oklahoma City lost…

Thunder had 23 assists, 9 blocks, 55 rebounds but a whooping 25 turnovers.
Yes, they badly and unusually struggled with ball handling.
It happened 16 times during last 25 RS – Thunder’s stats in searching results.
As a result of this we had another nugget…

THREE Dallas Mavericks’ players had 4 or more steals!
According to this list it hasn’t happened in playoffs since 1991!
Although if we include both teams it happened in 1994: link to the box score.
And that’s not all from this game because when someone gains someone else loses…

Kevin Durant had 29 points and 15 rebounds but with 9 turnovers.
Was it a historic choke?. It happened only 10 times during last 25 RS
Russell Westbrook shot worse than 32% on 22 attempts and added 6 turnovers.
Seriously was it the worst choke in team’s history?. It happened only 12 times during last 25 RS
Well, you can’t become great team or player without some struggles along the way… right?

Anyway, what a truly unique game! And I didn’t even mention
another brilliant performance by Dirk Nowitzki or 15-point comeback in the 4th quarter!

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  1. Jeannie

    July 10, 2011 at 02:10

    loool. that is a great idea! :)


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