Why Lakers started offseason so early in 2011?

14 May

J.A. Adande wrote an article on titled “Searching for answers in L.A.
Looking back at Lakers’ 2010-11 and trying to find how and why things went so wrong
It’s nothing personal but it generated a lot of questions for me.

For example, what would change in this column had Lakers lost in 6 games?
What would change in it had Lakers lost in NBA finals?
Based on this article can you tell me what exactly went wrong with Lakers in 2010/11?
They lost to Dallas in 4 games because:

  • they didn’t practice hard enough?
  • Gasol played too many minutes so he sucked during playoffs?
  • Heat killed them on Christmas on national TV?
  • Phil Jackson was in a lame duck season?
  • Bynum was too immature?
  • they were too old and new generation is taking over?
  • all of above?
  • author examined everything and couldn’t come up with an answer?

I’m asking because I’m shocked that you can dissect Lakers’ season in almost 3500 words and not mention IMHO the single most important factor which caused their early exit: 3-pt shooting in one series!
Lakers were 15/76 [19,7%] while Mavs were 49/106 [46,2%].
Both of those figures were simply ridiculous:
in regular season it was [respectively] 35,2% vs 36,5% and 33,5% vs 34,3% on defense.
Especially Mavs’ performance was really, really unique.

Am I crazy or have I just find an answer in less than 50 words?
But that would make a worse story, huh?

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One response to “Why Lakers started offseason so early in 2011?

  1. Crow

    December 24, 2011 at 01:28

    3-pt shooting and defensive effort were important.

    Much of what the mainstream media spends time on is not.


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