What was unique in NBA on May 11th?

12 May

Since I started analysing box scores regularly for FB in 2004 I was surprised how often unique stat-lines occurred and it’s a series designed to celebrate that fact. The rules are simple: it has to be something that never happened in the last 20 playoffs [over 1500 games] and less than 25 times during last 25 regular season games [there were over 55000]. Incidentally it’s a tribute to for great tools.

In this game
Dwyane Wade had 34 points and 4 steals but he made only 8 of his 15 Free Throw Attempts. It happened only 4 times during last 25 RS –
Beautiful mix of stats typical for guards and centers ;-)
He even threw-in second such mix with 5 assists and 10 rebounds!

In other game
Eric Maynor had only 1 point in 23 minutes but he collected 9 assists and 1 steal. It happened 20 times during last 25 RS –
Classic beautiful disaster and another reason why you shouldn’t judge player only by his points total…
which unfortunately happens way too often during broadcasts.

Surprisingly Daequan Cook’s 18 points in 18 minutes with 1 steal and 4 threes was not the one and only such performance in recent history: it happened one other time in the playoffs since 1991 [famous explosion by Dragic vs Spurs] and 8 times during last 25 RS –

P.S. May 10 was special because there was only one game and it was bad in terms of unique events ;-)
Although Hawks had FG% over 47%, FT% over 82%, less than 10 Turnovers and they scored only 83 pts
which tied all-time low with those conditions
including regular season!

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