Why last 3 game days were special?

02 May

Since I started analysing box scores regularly for FB in 2004 I was surprised how often unique stat-lines occurred and it’s a series designed to celebrate that fact. The rules are simple: it has to be something that never happened in the last 20 playoffs [over 1500 games] and less than 25 times during last 25 regular season games [there were over 55000]. Incidentally it’s a tribute to for great tools.

April 27, 2011
Joel Anthony had 0 FGA in 39 minutes
It happened only 7 times during last 25 RS [including Joel!!] –
Hey, it’s a good thing that he knows his role ;-)

April 28, 2011
Marcus Camby had 2 points and 0 fouls in 40 minutes
It happened only ONE time during last 25 RS [Peja] –
A hint how hard it is to be so long on the court without scoring and with suspect defence?

April 29, 2011
Grizzlies scored 99 Points even though they had only 12 assists and were 1/9 from 3pt range. . It happened only 4 times during last 25 RS –
Yes, their style of play is out of different generation ;-)

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