01 May

Hello World! Because really needed another blog ;-)

My name is Michael ‘wiLQ’ Wilczynski and I’m really passionate about the NBA, optimal efficiency and all kinds of rare oddities, atypical strategies, unusual events etc… plus fantasy sports which kind of combine all of aforementioned things.

In the beginning let’s get obvious out-of-the-way: I won’t be the smartest guy writing about the NBA, nor the most skilled one, nor the funniest one, nor the most accomplished fantasy GM plus I have zero inside connections and my writing skills in English are awfully rusty.

Quite frankly there’s only one reason to write this blog other than “practice”:
I’m pretty sure my curiosity is off the charts and I’d like to channel it somewhere public. In the last 6 years I wrote on local usenet group and even though I still love this format it’s slowly dying so I’d like to try a new form.

Because the biggest problem with curiosity is that you ask a lot of questions and then you attempt to find answers which can satisfy it. Is some cases you can do it on your own [and then it’s very quickly lost in your head] but in most cases you can’t… so you are welcome to comment or ask about anything.
It’s worth mentioning that I believe in mantra “there are no stupid questions” ;-)

With all that said you can easily figure out what you will find here but let’s make it clear:
– some comments about real events, articles or podcasts,
– some surprisingly solid ideas with bad execution like this one:,
– some questionable analysis with solid objective like this one:,
– most often you will find something like this
I can only hope you will enjoy it the same way as me ;-)

BTW, e-mail address in aforementioned links is no longer active [and it was a painful lesson because spam killed it within months] so if you want to contact me write to this e-mail alias: wilq[at_sign]

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